Deep Tissue Massage

VIP New Light Spa | Vancouver,BC | Deep Tissue Massage

VIP New Light Spa offers you a deep tissue massage in Vancouver, BC. In addition to our other forms of massage therapy, we offer the deep tissue massage to reach the inner parts of the muscle within the body. As a result, you will experience relief from chronic pain and experience many other physical benefits. This makes our deep tissue massage the perfect way to relax and heal your body.

VIP New Light Spa practices several different types of massage therapy. We specialize in deep tissue massage therapy. This technique is similar to that of a Swedish massage, but utilizes a more intense pressure to relieve tension deep within the muscles. This focus on reaching deep into the muscles will successfully release chronic pain, allowing your body to heal and giving you maximum relief from pain.

There are numerous benefits to the deep tissue massage treatment practiced at VIP New Light Spa. In addition to treating chronic pain, this form of therapy will improve your blood circulation and relieve stress. It can also be used on athletic and other forms of minor injury to help the muscle recover and regain strength. Furthermore, it can be used to help aging people maintain muscle strength and range of motion in the joints. The numerous benefits of a deep tissue massage make it great for anyone to enjoy.

VIP New Light Spa also offers meditation massages and relaxation massages. Reach out to us and learn more about the holistic healing opportunities we have available. Our deep tissue massage spa will give you the relief you deserve!

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